When Aisling Mittman wanted to design her Studio City home, she knew just where to find the support she needed. After all, she’s the VP of Brand and Design at Hutch, a shoppable app that helps you visualize and design your home in 3D. Aisling shares in her home with her husband Andrew and eight-year old son Ryder and knew that a minimal aesthetic was a requirement for the home to be functional. She says, “Since the house is not that big, we wanted it to feel calming and airy. Also, we wanted the house to feel comfortable and not too stuffy, so it was important to work with fabrics and materials that could handle the inevitable spills and wear of life with a kid and dog.”

This home was a big transition (see the before and after in the slideshow!) Step one was white paint. “We picked the white paint we wanted the day we got the keys, and once the house was all white, the house automatically had the vibe we were looking for.” From there, the most work went into the kitchen. Luckily, Aisling recalls, “The overall process was pretty seamless since we hired great contractors and it was finished in a relatively short period of time, but it was definitely overwhelming at times making decisions on materials and trying to picture how they would work together.”

Eight-year-old Ryder’s room was the most fun to decorate, according to Aisling. “Even when he was a baby, I always was drawn to neutral colors and away from a baby-ish feel. When we moved into the house we decided to let him have a queen bed so it could double as a space for when guests visit. I incorporated things we collected over the years such as the vintage kilim rug I got at a flea market years back, and a Pendleton blanket we bought on a trip to Lake Arrowhead. We decided to give him a desk as he loves to draw with a quirky gallery wall. The oversized Pizza Pony picture is from a dear friend of ours, Jonpaul Douglass. Ryder did not have a lot of opinions when it came to his room, just a request for a place for his legos. I can’t tell you how many he has because it is ridiculous, but we conceal them in storage bins under the bed and in his closet. Most of the time it looks like a Lego bomb went off in his room!”

He may not have had too much choice, but looking at the photos we’re ready to move in! See the home in the slideshow.