Designer Amanda Teal was given a beautiful blank slate for a recent project. The clients had completed an extensive remodel of their 2,000 sq. ft. home in Menlo Park, CA. The young family wanted their home to feel open and approachable, warm and kid-friendly. Amanda brought color and pattern, creating a casually elegant space that serves as the perfect backdrop for many happy family gatherings. We’re chatting with the designer to learn more:

Tell us a little bit about the clients! What was their goal/vision, and what was your priority when starting the design?
When they first approached us to decorate their home, our clients had just completed a full remodel of their California ranch home in Menlo Park. Their baby was 6 months old, and they both worked full time. They wanted to incorporate color and pattern in a subtle and tasteful way, but in addition to having no time to decorate due to their busy lives, they simply didn’t know how. When we began our initial design concepts, the main priorities were to keep it durable and family friendly, while making their home feel open, warm, and approachable. We also wanted to thoughtfully incorporate a few pieces of furniture that the clients already owned.

You’ll be taking us on a “virtual tour” in the slideshow, but we were curious – do you have a favorite room or feature in the house?
The master bedroom is a favorite. Because we used such a simple palette in this room, the little details are what I love. From the jute tape trim on the leading edge of the window treatments, stitching on the bed shams, to the fabric detail at the base of the bench, the details are what create the tiny moments of inspiration. They are each is so subtle, but as a whole, they give the master bedroom interest and create the feeling of comfort and lightness.

There are a lot of unique pieces here, from light fixtures to accessories. What are some of your favorite resources to shop?
My favorite lighting vendor is Urban Electric out of South Carolina. They have such unique pieces, are great to work with, and can customize anything- a designers dream!

Nickey Kehoe in LA is a great resource for vintage furniture and unique accessories. When I am stuck on a design, and need something special or quirky to pull it all together, I always check there. The entry benches were purchased from Nickey.

Tony Kitz is my go to for antique rugs. We have been buying rugs from Tony for years! His inventory is always amazing, and more often than not, we find the perfect rug to complement whatever space we are designing.

Amanda walks us through the home in the slideshow. Enjoy the tour!