When Tyler King, founder and CEO of Eight-Nine King Development approached designer Jessica Davis of JL Design, he already had rough plans for his new home that he had worked on with Architect Brian Clements. The structure itself was a rarity in Nashville – a California style contemporary build, which was an exciting challenge for Jessica to take on. His style was a bit more traditional and rustic than the space itself, but this time, he wanted it to have a modern feel without that cold feeling that so often permeates these sorts of spaces.

As a bachelor and avid entertainer, the main level was the focus – Jessica wanted to integrate the kitchen and living spaces in a creative way to give it the proper flow for Tyler’s lifestyle. “We definitely spent the most time on the kitchen,” she said. “Tyler wanted the cabinets to boast a clean, modern style while still appearing unique and dynamic. The cabinet finish has such beautiful depth that just can’t be totally captured without seeing them in real life.” Jessica added some quirky details like the garage door window in the kitchen to reflect Tyler’s bold and creative side.

In the living areas as well as in the bedrooms, Jessica created a harmonious blend of various styles all within a sophisticated color palette of grays, blacks, and blues. The transitional armchairs in the living room, for example, appealed to Tyler’s more traditional side, while the platform recycled wood coffee table leaned into that modernist style that they were going for. In the bedroom, a 3D geometric wallpaper reminiscent of the ’70s gave the room a focal point and texture. Jessica then layered in personal touches, like the portable record player on the bedside table which serves as a nod to Nashville’s vibrant music scene. 

“Tyler was so excited,” Jessica explained about his reaction to the completed project. “He worked really hard to help make all of this come together and oversaw much of the construction. He has a great sense of style already and I believe he really he had to let go of a lot of control throughout the process.  Once it was complete, we were both in awe of the decisions that were made.”