For a tech entrepreneur who moved from LA to Austin, when it came to his home, there were few limitations. He reached out to interior designer Sarah Wittenbraker to reimagine the typical bachelor pad. Wanting the glamour and sexiness of LA with the laid-back feel of Austin, the homeowner left it up to Sarah to take a few risks.

The color scheme itself is quite a departure from what we would normally expect from a bachelor pad. No grays and navy here, the homeowner wanted bold color. And that, Sarah gave him– “Draping the whole downstairs in floor-to-ceiling citron drapery really gave this house a point of view.” What was originally a feature that required some convincing, later turned out to be home owner’s favorite. Another bold moment in the home was the Flavor Paper “Brooklyn Toile” wallpaper in the pool house kitchen. What seems traditional at first, actually includes scenes of Coney Island as well as Notorious B.I.G. “We replaced the original pool house stone floor with the cement tile,” Sarah adds, “to ground the toile with a structured geometric pattern.”

Only the smaller spaces include bold wall statements. The living rooms were kept white to provide a bright and airy backdrop to the patterned fabrics and rugs. “We used more saturated paint and textiles in the bedrooms to create tucked away, cozy pockets,” Sarah explains. While the pool house boasts bold, fun choices, the main chef’s kitchen is pure sophistication. The oversized brass hood makes a glam statement and is beautifully contrasted by the light gray cabinetry. While the homeowner isn’t a cook, this main kitchen was an ideal space for having chefs and caterers prepare dishes for his guests.

With a license to explore the LA-meets-Austin concept to great lengths, Sarah was able to deliver a truly original space. A house that isn’t just a great space for parties but has personality and heart to serve as an ideal place to call “home”.