During her years in editorial fashion styling, Nicole Fisher of BNR Interiors honed her eye for combining fabrics, colors, textures, and styles. She says, “My transition into interiors stemmed from that skill set and started applying it to my everyday life with the objects and pieces around me. It really felt like a natural evolution in my creativity.” So it’s no surprise that the home she recently competed through Homepolish, a service that connects home owners to top interiors talent, deliviers just that. She shares more below and you can see the home in our slideshow!

Who was the client for this project and what were their requests for the space?
The client was a young family relocating from Manhattan with two kids under 5. Their request was making this relatively traditional home reflect their young family, spirited personalities, and multi-cultural backgrounds. They were well-traveled, the husband took up photography in his free time, and they weren’t afraid to take risks with color and pattern. The only thing they wouldn’t budge on was making sure everything that came into the home was child friendly. So I used a ton of textures, performance fabrics, soft corners, and easy to clean surfaces.

We love all the bold wall treatments- what inspired those?
Since the home had traditional bones, we chose to modernize through bold color and pattern rather than minimalism. Their fun personalities really dictated the colors and how far they were willing to take them. There was a lot of trust here! Especially in the home office, where they didn’t quite get the vision at first. But once it was done, it was all worth it.

Where there any particular challenges?
The biggest challenge was finding a balance of color and personality with the traditional bones of the house. In the end, it needed to all make sense. To do that, I chose a color theme within the room and stuck to that. Rather than bringing in multiple colors in one room, it was shades of the same color throughout so as to not be overwhelming to the eye.

What was the biggest design risk you took that paid off?
The wallpaper and built-ins in coordinating blues in the home office. The texture of the navy grasscloth against the periwinkle blue woodwork really lets the built-ins pop. I had my woodworker create this space to maximize the room while also hiding printers, shredders, extra paper, etc. It’s gorgeous and super functional. The best part is this is the first room you see when you walk in the house. It sets the stage for everything that’s to come!