In a suburb outside of Taichung that is known for its mountain trails, a couple set up In’s Cafe, a gourmet coffee shop that has a style reminiscent of a French bistro. Their inspiration came from their time in Paris where they discovered a painted trivet with an image of a traditional bistro, and from their they took that concept to Ris Interior Design to come up with the perfect space to share their love of gourmet coffee.

The exterior is almost identical to what you would consider a bistro in a French town, but in this case, instead of a burgundy or an evergreen, they decided on a dark teal, to give it a more updated look. Dark wood paneling behind the counter, spindle chairs and brass hardware pay tribute to the traditional French-style restaurant. The plant wall, transitional chandeliers and accents, on the other hand, make the cafe feel contemporary. The owners originally wanted to have al-fresco seating but because of the outdoor environment, with its proximity to mountains with the potential for bugs and mosquitoes, they decided on a glass veranda. For special events, the owners asked for a long table. Ris Interior Design came up with a 13-foot table with a Carrara marble countertop that exudes elegance.

As barista coffee specialists, they wanted In’s Café to offer an array of high quality brew — there, you can enjoy single origin and cold drip coffee, as well as strong cup of espresso. You can safely put yourself in the hands of the baristas at In’s, and add berry scone with clotted cream to the mix.