Basements are forgotten places in our homes, afterthoughts. But this young family in Vancouver saw an opportunity. Wanting to be closer to their parents, in a more family friendly neighborhood, they decided to move from their condo into their childhood home basement. However, they wanted something that fit their needs and sophistication, so they entrusted the project to interior designer Angela Robinson, to completely transform it.

“We literally had to crawl into a little hole cut out of the cement to get inside the space for our first site meeting,” admits Angela. The basement was practically filled with gravel, and was completely unliveable. The main challenge, as with any space below ground was to maximize natural light. “Originally we planned on having the living room in the space where the kitchen is,” Angela explains, “but after kicking ideas around, we decided that natural daylight would be more important in the kitchen, as this is the space where most of the daytime living happens.” It’s a great lesson in priorities. Often many of us don’t have all of the resources we would like, whether that be space, money or even natural light. Another challenge was to convince the clients that the best floor plan would involve the bedroom being the first room you enter in the space. With a glass wall separating the bedroom and living room, so some natural light would reach the latter.

Besides layout, Angela used her design talent to bring more warmth to the space. She selected light wood flooring and a clean aesthetic to create a functional a comfortable home. She also brought in meaningful pieces such as an image of Capri (their child’s namesake) for the kid’s room. With lots of place for storage to minimalize clutter, and an aesthetically cohesive decor, this completely privatized basement became the perfect sanctuary for a young family.