Well designed tiny apartments are like the unicorns of interior design. Every once in a while you might see them in the “fictional” world of magazines and blogs, but in reality you aren’t so sure they exist. It’s true that trying to pack a stylistic punch in a really small apartment is a lot harder to do: partially because you have fewer moments to show off your good taste, partially because you will inevitably have a storage issue, and last but definitely not least it’s hard to make functionality look good. And in a small space, functionality is key.

We don’t think you have completely scrap everything you have and buy it all at once to achieve design greatness in your tiny apartment, nor are we saying that you should live in a sea of small modular furniture. With a bit of determination, savviness, and some great inspiration – like this 237 ft² apartment in Stockholm- we’re sure that you can make the most of your space constraints.

Here are 10 ways that we think this Gothenburg studio apartment does a great job at maximizing its small space- click through!