Back in April, when we were in lockdown, we thought that by fall things would be significantly better and life would resume some semblance of normalcy. But here we are: Halloween has been canceled in California, certain countries around the world are on the edge of reintroducing minor lockdowns, and we’re limiting our social interactions yet again. Which means that as much as we’d love to have a group of our friends over for cocktails, it’s probably best to stick to Zoom or Google Hangouts for the moment.

Honestly, if we’re working at home, we’re probably in sweats, keeping it as comfortable as possible. But every now and then, it’s nice to put in a little bit of effort even if it’s just for a virtual hangout with friends at the end of the week. Our round-up today offers some great options for how to make your next Zoom cocktail hour a little more dressed up. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you put on shoes.

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  1. Billow Sleeve Blouse, $125, Undra Celeste NY: Everyone knows that when it comes to virtual meetings what is happening to the top half of your body is the most important. Get a little festive with this loose yet stylish top designed by New York-meets-Caribbean designer Undra Duncan.
  2. Slim Fit High-Rise Jeans, $46, Zara: Although you want to dress up, it doesn’t mean that you don’t also want to keep it casual and comfortable. These high-waisted jeans are the perfect complementary piece to a more festive top.
  3. Mixed Blood Blended Whiskey, $39, Du Nord: Real-life couple Chris and Shanelle Montana began their brand of crafted spirits in Minneapolis, MN. Their blended whiskey – Mixed Blood – has particularly enticing smokey and spicy notes that work beautifully in any of your favorite whiskey-based cocktails.
  4. Handmade Beechwood Bowl 10″, $47, Holland Bowl Mill: Ditch the plastic bowl, your chips need a new home to be served.
  5. Pedazo Accent Pillow, $185, The Citizenry: Your look is on point but your space could use an extra dose of style.
  6. Airwalks Ear Buds, $99, TRNDlabs: With these minimal earbuds you’ll be able to walk around the house without the hassle of cords.
  7. Roebling Coupé Set of Two, $99, Soho Home: This coupé’s beautifully cut crystal will bring a dose of elegance to your cocktail routine, yet the sturdy base ensures that it won’t be too easy to knock over. Handy when you’ve already had a few.