Any designer worth their salt knows that adding unique vintage pieces is a crucial part of putting a beautiful space together. It adds depth, thought, and soul. In some cases that can mean finding the perfect brutalist coffee table, in others, it’s bringing original artwork. No one celebrates the worn beauty of vintage finds more than designer Anthony D’Argenzio of Zio & Sons. His eye for bringing antiques into the 21st century has garnered a loyal Instagram following and clientele. So much so that he’s partnered up with one of his favorite resources for vintage finds, Chairish, to launch Zio & Son’s Art Shop.

“We live in an era where disposability is the norm and people tend to furnish and collect for the short term,” Anthony said. “Comparatively, I have been drawn to Old World objects all my life—I chalk it up to being an old soul—and my design instincts reflect that.” This Old Hudson, his rental properties that he designed in Hudson, NY, reflects that carefully curated point of view. “I tend to gravitate toward texture and subject matters that are in conversation with the space where the work might hang,” he said. “A piece doesn’t necessarily need to be signed or by a famous artist; it does need to be unique.”

Featuring a wide assortment of his hand-selected antique art finds, his shop includes oil paintings, watercolors, sketches, and prints that span the 18th to 20th centuries and all subject matters. “Vintage Art is a great way to add a sense of character and soul to any space,” he advised. “Stick to a particular era or style you like—like pre-war or oil painting, for example—and then showcase those pieces together. Another way to compose a thematic collection is by keeping the frames consistent—like, for example, going all-in on gilded gold. In the right space, that can be super chic.” Zio & Son’s Art Shop is now open on Chairish’ site and offers Anthony’s selection of one-of-kind art pieces.