When it comes to kitchens, thin is in. Both cabinets and countertops are adopting a more slender profile, for an elegant and timeless look. The trend isn’t so much a “trend” as it is a nod to classic European-style kitchens. Wilsonart, a world leading engineered surfaces company (and one of our favorite resources), has just released Thinscape Performance Tops, a collection of 12 new designs with a “thin” profile.

We previewed Thinscape while at the Kitchen & Bath Show earlier this year, and it’s beautiful. This collection features some of the most popular large-scale stone and quartz designs (think Calcutta Blanc and Italian Carrara), as well as a few statement surfaces like Distressed Pine and Rugged Steel. The benefits of the 1/2″ construction mean the product is impact-, scratch- and moisture-resistance and has a durable finish, making it easier to fabricate than porcelain counters.

What we love most, however, might be the cost. It’s a great way to get a super luxurious look for less, bringing your dream kitchen to life while staying on budget. Take a peek at our favorite looks in the slideshow, and then check out Wilsonart to see more.