The pandemic has brought a magnifying glass to our home life – from trying to fit all of our daily activities under one roof to the systems we have in place to keep things replenished, tidy, and clean. Rarely have we gotten this up-close and personal with our homes. While there’s no easy fix for time-management (we also struggle with balancing Zoom meetings with other distractions), there are tools out there to make home tasks a whole lot easier. One of them is the Roomba.

When Rosie the housekeeping robot from The Jetsons first graced TV screens, the concept was thrilling, although somewhat fantastical. Society mused that perhaps in the future, housework would be something that would be done completely technologically. And they weren’t wrong. IRobot came out with their first robot vacuum cleaner in 2002, and since then, the dream of just pressing a button and having the house cleaned seemed like a reality. For the most part, it worked, but perhaps not to the level that we’d hoped.

Fast forward almost two decades and the Roomba S9+ is a completely different beast than the first iterations. After testing it thoroughly, we’ve concluded that it does what it’s supposed to, and then some. Here’s what we love about iRobot’s new model:

  1. It comes with a Clean-Base Automatic Dirt Disposal: That means that you can have the Roomba clean your home several times over without having to empty its dirt compartment, it automatically heads back to its Clean-Base.
  2. The iRobot Home App lets you control everything from your phone: You can be in another room or even away from home and tell your Roomba to begin cleaning. A very convenient feature for when you have last-minute guests coming your way!
  3. Imprint Mapping makes it easy to decide which spaces you want to clean: We were a bit skeptical of how well this new feature of the Roomba s9+ would work out but it truly does a fantastic job of it. The first few times that you have it clean your home, it begins to construct a map of your space. Once created, it’s easy to put in the different rooms, which will then allow you to select individual areas that you want your Roomba to clean. That means that if your kitchen has crumbs on the floor after baking, you can tell it to head to just that part of your home.
  4. The Roomba s9+ can tackle any rug or carpet: Even those that have thick woven rugs that sit an inch above the floor need not worry about not having them cleaned. This robot vacuum lifts itself onto most rugs or carpets.
  5. Its new shape allows for the cleanest corners: It’s not just the fact that the Roomba s9+ has 40 times the suction power of the first generation of robot vacuums, but its new shape with a flat edge at the front allows it to go deep into the corners of your rooms. That means, no more dust-bunnies piling up in one area.

Although this one comes close, no product is perfect; here are a couple of downsides that we found:

  1. It is quite noisy: If you are the type that needs absolute silence while working, the Roomba s9+ might have to skip the room that you are in. While effective, it is definitely not a quiet vacuum.
  2. The cost: At $1099 (at the moment of publishing the Roomba s9+ is on sale for $999.99), this is a pricey gadget. It is definitely an investment and may not be accessible to everyone. However, we recommend that if you do decide to spring for an s9+, that you purchase it at where you’ll have a 60-day money back guarantee, and a year warrantee, giving you peace of mind.

Our verdict: The Roomba s9+ is a miracle for the busy person (who isn’t these days!). It works so much better than some of its predecessors and offers many convenient features that allow you to keep your floors clean with just a touch. It may not fold the laundry or clean the toilets (we’re hoping that robot gets invented soon!) but it does check a big to-do off of your chores list. And, most importantly, it allows you to be one of those people with perpetually immaculate floors.