If you want to know the secret about how to take a nicely designed space and transform it into an expertly designed space, it’s all about the details. Subtle elements are what cumulatively make up a greater, and more spectacular whole. Spaces are meant to be used, so it’s all about ensuring that the way you compose a space meets every need and entices all of our senses. One such detail are the rugs of our home. You can invest in the most spectacular hand knotted silk rug, that has an amazing look and feel, but if it’s not properly anchored to floor, it could cause plenty of issues for you and your guests.

Ensuring that you are using rug pads is a widely accepted industry trick of the trade. Rugs stay put, and there’s no chance of sliding nor wrinkling when stepping on them. However, not all rug pads are created equal. We’ve taken the time to conduct in-depth research on which are the best on the market, and hands down Rug Pad USA takes that spot. Made with 100% natural rubber on one side and recycled felt on the other, their products are composed of the highest quality materials.

If you think that a rug pad is just something that you can flippantly buy on your next trip to the home goods store, think again. The last thing you want to do is ruin your floors with a product that is made of synthetic materials. Natural rubber lasts longer and never stains nor strips your floors. The felt and rubber combination ensures that your rug stays properly in place. And since Rug Pad USA directly manufactures their rug pads, you can order the exact size that you need, no need to take out the sheers and fit it to that stunning one-of-a-kind beni ouarain rug you found on your trip to Morocco.

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