Modernism was an artistic and design movement that began at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, a hundred years later, its principles and forms are still relevant but have been slightly altered to meet the vision of contemporary designers and architects. In their new book Think New Modern, photographer Jan Verlinde and art historian/journalist Piet Swimberghe explore real-life examples of today’s modernist spaces.

Having worked together on numerous articles and projects in the past, Piet and Jan have entered the homes of some of the world’s most renowned architects, interior designers, collectors, and decorators. Seeing that there were some common themes amongst them, they decided to explore the concept of contemporary modernism in their book. With stunning images of the homes of creatives such as collector Bea Mombaers and architect Hans Verstuyft, the book takes a look at how Brutalism, the visual language of the Bauhaus, and concepts of Scandinavian design have been revived.

Think New Modern doesn’t just feature one modernist style but shows its different iterations: from a classic Haussmannien-style apartment in Brussels to an eclectic bohemian atelier/ loft of Oliver de Meyer. “We think that readers will be surprised by all of the sculptural details featured in the book, as for example in the two houses of architects Lens and Thijsen,” author Piet Swimberghe said. “One of these houses even has an Oriental style, which we think will be a big influence on western design in the near future.”