Perhaps the view from your window in your home is a concrete block of apartments, or maybe it’s a flower dotted field. Regardless of the location of your space, it has become increasingly important now more than ever to be connected to nature. Staying connected to the natural world brings us physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. While we know that a walk in a park or a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun can have numerous benefits, here at Rue, we’re also of the mindset that bringing elements of nature into your home can help you feel more relaxed and happy in your space.

We’re sharing a round up of eight products that have some element to it that is ‘au naturel‘. Stripped down, these items celebrate simple yet earthy materials.

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  1. Round Basket, $9.90, Zara Home: Although it’s made of seagrass, you don’t have to have a coastal home to make this woven basket work. Its natural texture and fibers make it an elegant storage option for you to collect your less attractive items such as your TV remotes or kids’ toys.
  2. Adhira Pillow in Rose, $145, The Citizenry: A blend of linen and cotton, this intricately woven pillow by artisans in India connects you to its handmade provenance.
  3. Swedish Birch Board, $41.35, June Home Supply: Your next charcuterie plate will look SO good with this birch serving board.
  4. Woven Jute Trivet, $22.65 – $26.55, June Home Supply: Trivets tend to be quite unattractive. This woven option breaks the mold by being simple and elegant. Perfect to place a hot teakettle on or a pot roast that just came out of the oven.
  5. Smudge Stick Trio, $14, ABC Home: You might be a fervent believer in the power of sage to clean the negative energy out of a space or maybe you are a skeptic. Regardless of where you stand on the matter, at the very least the earthy aroma from burning this smudge stick trio will bring renewed energy to your home.
  6. Percale Duvet Cover in Sand, $130 – $190, Parachute: Nowhere are natural fibers more important than in bedding. Breathability, durability, and softness are all benefits of opting for sheets that are made of high-quality cotton.
  7. Oak Dansk Bed, $8,560, Earl Home: This isn’t just a bed, it’s a work of art. From Earl Home – run by Chris and Amber Earl – this bed is handcrafted using high-quality oak.
  8. Tealight Candle Set Norns, $15, Smells Like Spells: Made of 100% soy wax this tealight set offers a gentle aroma of mangoes, cinnamon, and spices.