Style and design are often compared, contrasted and discussed at length to suss out their parallels. Sure, there is some overlap, but the industries remain quite separate. One clear aspect where fashion and design merge is in the way that entertaining, like clothing, can be representative of a current mood. Perhaps today you’re going for a more minimalist, modern cocktail party and a week later you feel like hosting a traditional brunch. It’s ok to try different styles when it comes to entertaining – after all, it’s about setting a mood and inviting guests into your world, even if it changes from time to time.

The problem sometimes, though, with traditional design is that it can get too caught up with the decorative details – the monograms, the piping, the pattern mixing… That’s why we wanted to share 10 of our top traditional entertaining essentials fit for a contemporary event. All the warmth of a traditional table with none of the overelaborate details.

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  1. Stone Pitcher, $48, Hudson Grace: the faceted form of this pitcher makes it a perfect item for a classic look, while the simple off-white glaze keeps it fresh.
  2. Garden Vine Footed Bowl, $165, Ralph Lauren Home: Ralph Lauren, to this day, represents quintessential traditional Americana style. This bowl is no exception, and its pretty blue pattern would pair well with simple white dishware.
  3. White Peonies, $55 CAD, ottawaflowers: there’s something about peonies that feels so familiar yet simultaneously invigorating. Their full shape and delicate petals make a great option for any occasion.
  4. Espadrille 20×20 Pillow, $175, Miles Talbott: you can never go wrong with a blue striped pillow, and if it’s made of Sunbrella’s indoor/outdoor fabric, all the better.
  5. Liliana Polished Silver Cheese Spreaders, $138, Blue Pheasant: a good host or hostess is always concerned about the details. Having the right items for the food served demonstrates in-depth knowledge, care, and preparedness for welcoming guests.
  6. Festival 6×9 Cocktail Napkins, $25, Sferra: just as these cocktail napkins are a classic option for all types of occasions, they also make a fantastic host/hostess gift.
  7. Island Decorative Tray, $240, Amanda Lindroth: for times that require a cold pitcher of iced-tea or even some mint juleps, having a glass-lined tray like this one will come in handy.
  8. Crystal Tumblers, $21, Admiral: a perfect companion to the Island Decorative Tray and all of your drink needs.
  9. Teardrop Candlestick, $225, Hudson Grace: it’s important to invest in pieces that will serve you well over time. This candlestick holder is a design classic that will help bring that glow to your table.
  10. Avalon Dining Chair, $498, Serena & Lily: this dining chair demonstrates style with both its use of negative space, making it a lighter option than a solid-backed chair, and texture, in the form of handwoven rattan.