There’s nothing like subzero temperatures, racing deadlines, and life’s usual emotional rollercoaster to make sure that your immune system takes a nosedive. While we’re not here to offer medical advice (please see a health care professional for that!), but we are serving up our top 9 products for making those miserable days at home sick feel that much more comfortable (and stylish).

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  1. Double Sided Faux Sheep Blanket, $100, Zara Home: this two-toned blanket from Zara Home has the feeling of shearling but isn’t the real thing, which means that it’s machine washable. Perfect to carry with you from the sofa to your bed and back again, then into the wash when you feel better.
  2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil, $13, Vitruvi: a couple of drops of this essential oil in the shower will open up your sinuses and help you feel relaxed.
  3. Sahara Teapot, $42, Ichendorf: Inspired by the North African desert, this stunning all glass teapot will help keep your wanderlust at bay while you’re stuck at home.
  4. Canyon Chai Tea, $40, Bellocq Tea: This spiced tea will warm you when your body needs it the most. Just add a little milk and honey if you’ve got a sweet tooth.
  5. Large Mug, $36, Heath Ceramics: colds and the flu require you to drink plenty of liquids. We love Heath’s large mug because it offers the same mid-century style with bigger proportions.
  6. Real Tonic Soothing Treatment Mask, $20 for set of 5, Atoclassic: Let’s just say that when we’re feeling under the weather, our skin isn’t at its best. Featuring “whangryun,” or Golden thread, this sheet mask packs a ton of anti-inflammatory properties to transform your red and irritated skin into a clear, bright, and moisturized masterpiece.
  7. Doubleface Bootie, $120, Lamo: Whether you have to step outside or putter around the house, these cozy slippers will keep your feet warm.
  8. The Naked Stone, $, Kate McLeod: With 5 nourishing butters for sensitive skin, this stone-shaped moisturizer will be a post-shower/bath favorite. 
  9. Alpaca Double Face Cape, $450, Cuyana: As close as you can get to wearing a blanket, this cape is the perfect item to make sure that at moment’s notice, you look as put together as possible. Throw it over pajamas if you have a surprise visitor or have to head over to the corner store.