Hearing the name “Marie Kondo” conjures up all sorts of reactions these days, hardly anyone is left indifferent. Mostly, though, you’ll likely get a summary of how watching “Tyding Up Marie Kondo” on Netflix inspired them to take on their garage that was a zone of disorganized fear for many years, or how they ‘just can’t get on board’ with the idea of living with so few things. Wherever you stand on the spectrum of reverence to rejection of Marie Kondo’s organization methods, these items in our round-up are sure to make sure that those pieces that ‘spark joy’ have their proper place.

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  1. Clothing Case, $28, Muji: Not everyone can enjoy the luxuries of a walk-in closet, so even if you’ve gone through the clothes you want to keep, you might need to alternate between summer and winter clothes. These linen cases are perfect for storing under the bed or stacking in a closet.
  2. Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip in Walnut, $43, wooDsom: Per Marie Kondo, one of the reasons why we end up with so many utensils in the kitchen is because we don’t know exactly what we have. A magnetic strip is the best way to display and organize your knives so that you can easily access and see them.
  3. Clear Case, $6.50, Muji: Organization isn’t just a goal for our homes but also for when we travel. When we’re away from home for business or on a trip, we’re often rushed to get ready. These clear makeup cases are perfect to find that eyeliner right away. Shaving off a good 3 minutes of your routine.
  4. Soda Glass Airtight Container, $7.50, Muji: Who hasn’t bought pasta over and over again, only to realize that there was an open box at the back of the cupboard? Glass containers are a great way to store the same dry goods without having to deal with half-empty boxes.
  5. Brogrund Set of 3 Boxes, $7, IKEA: Shoving toiletries in a drawer can cause you to have to search for a product instead of finding it right away. These containers are attractive options to help you separate your beauty products so that you don’t just find what you’re looking for but you can also see what you forgot that you had. Trust us, it happens a lot.
  6. Grey Italian Pantry Bins, $13-$18, Gruzini: These gray pantry bins are made by the Italian kitchen company Gruzini and show off a modern European aesthetic. Great for stacking or for keeping similar products together.
  7. Kuggis Box with Lid, $15, IKEA: These bins look like a million bucks when stacked on white shelves. Your disorganized office will end up looking like a high-end designer studio.
  8. Bumerang Hangers Set of 8, $4.60, IKEA: Ditch your mix of hangers (especially the wire ones you got from the dry cleaners). Using only these inexpensive wooden hangers from IKEA will elevate your closet’s look.
  9. Laundry Basket with Fabric Closure, $50-$70, Zara Home: Leave your mesh laundry baskets from college behind. These woven baskets from Zara Home have useful fabric enclosures to hide away dirty clothes.
  10. Stairway White Wall Mounted Bookcase, $350, CB2: Don’t have beautiful built-ins? These wall-mounted modern shelves look high-end and will be a great way to store your magazine collection or even display your clothes. Whichever is more important to you!