We want to embrace the art of high tea in almost all (but not quite all) of its glory. Traditionally high tea was a way for British society to tie itself over from lunch to supper, in the form of small triangular sandwiches and lukewarm tea and milk. One imagines that such occasions were opportunities for society women to show off their high birth by taking the least and smallest bites of said sandwiches. Which is where we would like to depart from the original concept: Let’s keep all of the style and sophistication but leave out the unnecessary self-control. 

Our idea of the perfect high tea is a beautifully set table (with a hot pot of Earl Grey ready to go), along with great company, delicious small bites and lots of laughter. In our world, all are welcome – whether you care to take tea or prefer a glass of champagne. Just make sure that you bring a generous spirit.

Shop the Story:

  1. Engraved Crystalline Champagne Flute, $14.90, Zara Home: We love that these champagne glasses from Zara Home have a 1920’s profile and a smaller price-tag. 
  2. Amare Salt & Pepper Set, $195, Ana by Rablabs: With stone that is sourced from Tuscany’s last alabaster quarry, these salt and pepper shakers will become an heirloom for future generations.
  3. Skye Cafe Au Lait Cup & Saucer, $26.29, Nambé: The thin edges along the cup and saucer along with its light gray color make it an updated yet well-designed option for the table.
  4. Rovello 5 Piece Hostess Set, $32.52, Ricci Argentieri: We like to mix classic with contemporary. This serving set has all of the charactertistics of a classic without the extra frills.
  5. Black Orchid All-Purpose Bowl, $32, Michael Aram: Traditional British china was inspired by motifs from the ‘Far East’. This tableware by Michael Aram continues that line of inspiration with a slightly more contmporary profile.
  6. Bazaar Linen Napkin, $30, Kim Seybert: This napkin’s design is created using tone on tone threads woven into a subtle design.
  7. Earl Grey Imperial Tea, $10.82, Harney & Sons:  We’re not sure what we love more, the tea sachets or the canister. We’d prefer not to have to choose.
  8. Metallic Black Cake Stand, $80, Honeycomb Studio: Every piece from Honeycomb Studio is made in small batches giving it a limited edition feel.
  9. Silver Plated Ice Bucket & Strainer, $169.81, Arthur Price: No mushy ice here. This fancy bucket’s embedded strainer allows the water to fall to the bottom, leaving fresh ice at the top.