Earlier this summer, St. Martins Press offered us an advance copy of Everybody Rise, the debut novel of New York Times reporter Stephanie Clifford. As avid bookworms, we couldn’t resist – especially since we’d already heard a little buzz about the book and knew it would soon be on the bookshelves (and Instagram accounts!) of all of our friends. You see, we have been on the hunt for a juicy summer novel, and – enjoyed with a glass of rosé on the back patio – this one did not disappoint.

The book transports you to a world that many never experience firsthand – the old money of the East Coast. It takes place in 2006, and when we meet 26 year old Evelyn Beegan, we realize that though she has technically grown up with money, she’s on a lower level than her peers. Evelyn has spent her life navigating the world of the WASPs – from understated designer clothing to dinner parties that operate on outdated etiquette. When Evelyn lands a job at an up and coming social media site that caters to the world’s elite, she realizes that her prep-school days – funded by her father’s “new” money – were only a glimpse into a world she didn’t technically belong to.

As the story goes on, we see Evelyn stop at nothing with her endless “fake it until you make it” ambition. Each scene is luxurious and filled with beauty, yet the awareness of Evelyn’s shortcomings – both social and financial – is never far behind. Of course, our brains operate on great design… and with each page, the author painted a picture we couldn’t resist. From historic lakeside retreats in the Adirondacks to socialite sightings in the city, our brains swirled with the sophistication that Evelyn simply couldn’t resist. We got right to work, searching for luxurious products that would bring the entertaining story to life. As you read the book, which hit newsstands August 18, we think you’ll be equally captivated. And just in case you’d love a few visual cues, start our slideshow! With each chapter, you might just recognize a few of our references.

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