The Rue team has been going in a thousand different directions lately. Crystal just had a baby, Julie is finishing up her degree, Maia is launching a new business, and Kelli and Kat will be married in June – on the same day! So, we’ve all been thinking a lot about what’s important, how we want to spend our time, and how to manage all the rest that needs to get done.

Kat’s Tips:
Toss the magazines. I love leisurely flipping through magazines with a cup of coffee but the piles of dog-eared pages have got to go. A good Google search helps find and pin my favorite bits of inspiration for the future and the magazines get passed on to friends or recycled.

Mandatory closet clean-outs. I’m still trying to get to the “one-in, one-out” rule of shopping, but I do make sure I get a twice-annual closet clean out – my little sister thanks me!

Kelli’s Advice:
Don’t rely on iCalendar. I used to have major organization issues when it came to my schedule. Finally, my fiancé and I hung up a large paper calendar in the kitchen and each Sunday, we add our appointments for the week. This has really helped us have a better view (literally) of the days ahead, and plan accordingly in all areas – grocery shopping and meal planning, hanging out with friends, and date night.

Unsubscribe! Every few weeks, I go through and unsubscribe from unwanted emails. It has helped my inbox tremendously, and ensures that important notes won’t get lost in between sale alerts and monthly newsletters.

Julie’s Tricks:
Ditch your paper to-do lists and go digital! I’d be lost without my to-do list app, Wanderlist. It helps me stay focused on the tasks I need to get done throughout the day, reminds me of important due dates, and keeps my desk free of paper lists I used to have floating around.

Keep a permanent donation bag in the closet. When I come across an item I don’t use, it automatically goes in the bag. Once it is full, I simply drop it off at a donation center on my way to the grocery store. This keeps my house clutter free and gives my unused items a home where they’ll have a chance to be enjoyed by someone else.

Victoria’s Rules
Everyone has a closet, a cabinet, a file, that they don’t even want to touch because it’s so disorganized. To turn this dreaded task into a fun Saturday, I buy a bottle of wine that I have been dying to try as a way to celebrate once I am done. Pastries or dinner at a fun restaurant could work too!

Think of yourself as an editor: don’t have too many things communicating the same message. When it comes to knick-knacks, pictures, and things from your past, think about how many you have that are repeating the same idea. You probably don’t need all 5 rocks from your awesome trip to the beach, one is enough.

As you can see, we all have different methods. Some love paper, some rely on apps. Some do a big clean out while others do it bit by bit. There is definitely no one way to stay clutter free and organized. What works for you?

Image originally from Rue Issue Two, Meet the Designer: Nickey Kehoe Inc.