The small pleasures in life are what bring us joy, even in the most difficult of times. One such pleasure is finding a cozy, quiet corner and opening up a good book. Perhaps nowadays you barely have even a second to spare – after all, the barriers of work life, home life, and school life are being blurred. There are many reasons why some well-deserved downtime might not be in the cards.

Hopefully, though, throughout the week, you’ll be able to carve out an hour to dive into a good read, and if it’s raining outside, all the better. Today, we’re sharing eight of our favorite rainy-day reading favorites:

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  1. Happy Inside by Michelle Ogundehin, $32, Ebury Press: Michelle Ogundehin is a writer, TV presenter, and the former Features Director of Elle Decoration UK. Hand-picked by Ilse Crawford to join the editorial team, she has an uncanny sense for living beautifully. In this book, she offers a complete perspective on how to make your daily routine and surroundings joyful. It’s a perfect read for these times in lockdown.
  2. Turmi Pillow, $205, Bolé Road Textiles: Made by skilled artisans in Ethiopia, this throw pillow brings a modern global twist to your sitting area.
  3. Long Belted Shaw Cardigan, $149, & Other Stories: Just because you want to feel comfortable doesn’t mean sophistication is out the window. Practical and beautiful, this cardigan is the perfect thing to wrap yourself in as you putter about the house.
  4. Charcoal Linen Napkins, $34, Be Home: We like to turn linen cocktail napkins into coasters since they are lightweight. Avoid having to worry about rings or stains with this charcoal set.
  5. Brass Bookmark, $12, Alabaster: Wherever you stand on the debate between earmarking or not earmarking books, you can’t deny that this brass bookmark exudes sophistication.
  6. Mt. Hood Shearling Slipper, $89, Patricia Green: Throw out your old pair of slippers because this shearling option is as beautiful as it is soft.
  7. Lybbert Accent Chair, $900, McGee & Co: Any which way that you sit in this chair, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable.
  8. Farmhouse Latte Mug, $40, Sheldon Ceramics: If there’s something that we believe strongly in, it’s to ditch mass-produced mugs for one made by hand. The artistic and human factor make that latte taste so much better.