When Erika Panciera and her husband Pete, a former art director and designer, were living in Connecticut they often enjoyed purchasing and burning expensive scented candles in their home. Then one day, they thought that perhaps there could be something better out there than the ephemeral, single-use options they had been purchasing. Most would just keep searching, but this creative couple decided to start crafting their own, experimenting with putting together their own signature fragrances and hand-thrown ceramic containers.

Their initial endeavor turned into a full-fledged home décor brand in 2014 when they moved to Southern California and a barbershop in the area wanted to purchase their creations. That’s when they began the home brand Norden, where Scandinavian design meets American-made products. They wanted to create pieces that didn’t just have a clean and approachable aesthetic but that stood the test of time, pieces that could have multiple functions. Their candles, for example, have multiple conceptual layers: an in-house created fragrance that reminds them of a specific location (whether that is Joshua Tree or Øresund, the strait between Denmark and Sweden), a soy base for clean burning, and a hand-thrown ceramic container that can later be used as a mug, desk-top storage or a vase.

Since then, Norden has expanded to included planters, dishware, kitchen textiles, incense, hand-wash, and room sprays. Pete and Eika Panciera styled Casa Mami in Pioneer Town, CA with some of their most iconic pieces.