We believe that to beat style monotony, it is important to take risks. Observing fashion week’s numerous eccentrically clad attendees, it seems like fashion has its share of risk takers, but how about design? Sure there’s Kelly Wearstler and Oliver Gustav, but lets be honest, when design trends catch on, they are repeated until we can no longer stand them (and then some). So when we see an interior like the home of Simon and Cristina Digby, it gets us excited. Just like this outfit that is modern with whimsical touches, the Digby’s space uses bold dashes of blue and yellow to energize the room. But there are more ways that these two translate perfectly:

1. To achieve this edgy look (both the outfit and the room) use 80% white to 20% intense color. Sophistication comes with restraint, although you want to add a few electrifying touches, ground your look with a crisp and calming bright white.

2. Make sure there is craftsmanship in the quirky accents: it’s all good that unusual items make your heart race, but make sure that they have a high quality factor to them. An folkloric yellow bird on your shoe should be prettily embroidered. Similarly, a wacky painting should have an expensive frame.

3. Go for unusual shapes: there are a lot of great designers out there pushing the bar on form. Do a bit of research and find pieces that have an unusual look to them (but make sure they are made of quality materials).