Anyone whose Instagram feeds are mostly made up of design accounts will have noticed that English design is having a surge in popularity. A slight evolution of the “Farmhouse Modern” trend, English design has similar sensibilities but is slightly more subtle and rooted in history. We’ve written before about our love of the UK’s kitchen brands and hardware. When it comes to furniture, Pinch is at the top of our list.

Founded by Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon in 2004, Pinch’s soft, elegant, yet contemporary home furnishings are beautifully crafted. Here, Russell has implemented his impressive furniture design sensibilities – he was once Sir Terence Conran’s Design Assistant and was also Conran Group’s Senior Product Designer – working with hand-selected artisans all around the UK. Oona also offers her keen point of view to the brand, having been part of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith team as their European Hotel Viewer. Let’s just say she’s seen a lot of armoires and knows what makes a stylish one.

Based on England’s rich design history, Pinch’s tables, armoires, beds, and seating have Edwardian influences with a contemporary sensibility. If that doesn’t mean much to you conceptually, the quality of craftsmanship and materials (they use top-notch woods such a walnut, white oak, and ash) should be a real draw.