Winter weather is upon us, which means that we’ve all currently retreated into our monochromatic clothes and are playing it safe until the first signs of spring emerge. We’re here to convince you that the right color can be just the exact type of all-natural uppers that you need to get you through the winter. The same goes for your home — increasingly, spaces have become neutral territory — a return to earthy elements, which we love, but also making us miss the bravado of the color clad interiors of 2008. 

In this month’s “Outfit to Room”, however, we’re demonstrating that great creativity by the use of color (more specifically chartreuse) can also remain in the realm of sophistication. Aimee Song’s outfit, just like this room design by SFA Design, show that quality of materials are at the center of pulling color off well. Just remember that contrasts are crucial. Aimee’s silk skirt, the velvet sofa, silk throw pillows, her cashmere sweater and leather jacket all possess a richness of texture and material that elevate the overall style. That leaves more quirky and creative touches, such as the choice of an all green palette for Aimee’s outfit or the abstract artwork in SFA Design’s project, to have balance, saving you from going off into the deep-end.