Outdoor spaces are no longer a design afterthought, but a way of life. For those of us in warmer climates, we’re able enjoy our backyards and patios (almost) all year long. And for those who are just emerging from a long cold winter, you’ll soon be heading outside! No matter which camp you fall into, fewer things get you excited for spring and summer than getting your outdoor space in order.

Tidelli is a new-to-us brand, and we’re thrilled to have discovered it just in the nick of time. (Summer kick off party, anyone?!) Launched in 1989, the Brazilian company creates unique outdoor furniture and accessories. Utilizing bright colors and lots of texture, their pieces are perfectly on trend yet avoid looking like a “big box” item that everyone on your block will have.

As an added bonus, the company has brought a revitalization to their home base. Based in Bahia, a northeastern state in Brazil, Tidelli employs over 300 locals. They built their facility in an underdeveloped community and have kept socially sustainable practices at the forefront of their business, bringing continued job and growth opportunities for the residents. We love a company that looks good AND does good too! See some of our favorites in the slideshow.