Though the week of #amplifiedmelanatedvoices has come to an end, our work is just beginning. Behind the scenes, we took an introspective look at our business and the content we feature, both on social media and on We acknowledge how flawed the interior design industry is and apologize for contributing to the problem. 

While the industry is predominately white, the 22 individuals we highlighted last week are but a tiny representation of talented BIPOC designers and business owners. There are many, many more – both familiar faces and burgeoning talent. We hope that the momentum continues and BIPOC will be fairly represented: in magazines and on blogs, at events and panels, and on social media. We promise to do our part. 

We will soon begin sharing new content on again. Though yes, we will be sharing spaces by white designers, we will be better at representing all people in the industry and will do so proactively. We will diversify our content and the voices we share, both by featuring the work of Black designers (and all POC) as well as actively sourcing products from Black and minority owned businesses.

 To our followers, we hope you found fresh inspiration and your feed is now more diverse. If you followed someone new last week, don’t be a silent number! Keep the conversation going by liking and commenting on their work.

We would also like to encourage other professionals in the industry, from publicists and photographers, to keep the movement going and seek out BIPOC talent to represent and work with. This is more than a hashtag. It is a call to create equitable opportunities and long-term solutions. 

We’re not a big media company and this wasn’t written at the urging of a publicist. We want to improve and value your feedback! Our DMs are always open – say hi, tell us about a designer or business we should know, tell us when we fail. And if you’re a designer and would like to submit your work, please email us at

Designers Featured: Forbes & Masters // Joy Street Design // Mikel Welch // Cococozy // Corey Damen Jenkins // Romanek Design Studio // Studio Cooke John // Thurman Design Studio // Ferrarini & Co // Darryl Carter // Breegan Jane // Materials Methods Design // Nicole Gibbons // Ishka Designs // Eneia White Interiors // Leyden Lewis Design Studio // Simplicity for Designs // Halden Interiors