Since 2017, celebrated designer Ilse Crawford and the renowned Spanish rug company Nanimarquina have been working on the Wellbeing Collection that is based on four core principles: natural local fibers, handspun, no bleach, no dyes – that has finally launched this summer.

These principles serve to create a series of home textiles (pillows, rugs, tapestries and a hammock) that globally encompass the concept of wellbeing – not just for the customer but also for the producer. “The starting point for this collaboration was to use natural materials without bleaching agents to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible, ” explained the rug company’s founder, Nani Marquina. “From there we wanted to continue that concept further and searching for fibers that could be found close to the place of production. Ilse has always envisioned that this collection would be centered around the idea of various elements that generate a corner of wellbeing.”

The collaboration features thirteen different designs that are made using handspun Afghan wool, nettle, jute, linen, Tussar silk as well as cork, wood, raw wool, and raw cotton. With Ilse’ uncanny ability to create vanguard concepts and Nanimaquina’s focus on weaving application, quality and techniques, they spent two years crafting the Wellbeing Collection. The result is a series of home textiles with a simple yet poetic feel, showcasing both companies’ focus on subtle details.

Check out the video below to see behind the scenes of the collaboration.