Giving readers a “pathway to stylish living” has always been our main goal. We share homes that will inspire you, interview tastemakers and designers who are changing the industry, and search for the products we believe can help our readers live their most stylish life, whatever that looks like to them. With this goal in mind, I rarely turn my “work brain” off — I’m always on the hunt for cool places and things that I think our audience will love.

On any given weekday, I can be introduced to 20 new product launches before 10AM — innovative cleaning supplies, elegant pet accessories, CBD-infused wine… the list goes on. (Yes, my inbox can get a little full.) Sometimes, it’s not something that’s in line with our vibe. Others, I know it’s a perfect fit for us. And then there’s the home run — when I love a product so much, I have to have it myself.

So, I wanted to introduce a more personal column, where I share the products I’ve discovered on this “editorial hunt” that I’ve actually brought into my own home and use regularly — say hello to My Five Finds. I’ll share five things that I am using in my daily life — from the little things that make my life easier to the products that are giving my skin a serious glow. Start the slideshow to see what I’m loving most.