Our team may have very different aesthetics, but we all have one major thing in common — we’re diehard Fixer Upper fans. Sure, some of us prefer minimalist spaces, while others gravitate towards all the color and texture in the world, but the common thread among this creative group is that Joanna Gaines can do no wrong. (And our infatuation only grew after she shared what it means to her to Live Beautifully. Swoon!)

Her latest project melds her discerning eye and signature style with one of our favorite brands — Loloi. The collection includes rugs, pillows, and throws. All of the pieces have that signature, Magnolia vibe and would look perfect in many different spaces — whether it’s a boho studio in the city, a beachside bungalow, or an all-white farmhouse in Waco. To show off the variety, our editors each chose their favorite piece from the collection. Start the slideshow for a look at our must-haves!