This week was a particularly emotional one, and we hope that the weekend brings better news than the last 5 days did. We’re keeping things short and sweet here today (as our hearts and minds are with Boston, Waco, and all of those affected), but will share a few things that brought us happiness this week. Hoping they bring you a little joy as well!

After a long Coachella weekend, we always look forward to the style recaps. Our favorite photos were snapped by Leslie Kirchhoff for Vogue. We’re particularly fond of Vera Balyura’s lace-inspired look!

At Oh Happy Day!, Jordan shared a fun hand-painted flower tree. The bright colors and unique textures on this DIY make for a beautiful decor addition that is seasonally appropriate… but we think we’d like to keep it up year round!

It’s no secret that we’re J.Crew fans, so we were really pleased when Matchbook Magazine shared their favorite J.Crew catalog covers. What a gorgeous trip down memory lane! We had to smile when we saw the now-iconic “blogger bubble necklace” on the cover of March 2008.

On our own pages, we shared a recipe for a delightful dessert. We plan on spending the weekend with our friends and family, catching up over a slice of Berry Almond Yogurt Cake (concocted by the immensely talented Jessica Comingore). Trust us- this recipe can’t be missed. We hope you enjoy it, and are wishing you a safe, relaxing weekend with loved ones!