Our current mood can be summed up in one Instagram post. Spooky season is over… it’s time to get cozy! On that note, we hope you enjoy this week’s edition of #LinksWeLove with your softest blanket and a warm beverage:

— Are you stuck with tons of leftover Halloween candy?? Here are some creative recipes to transform it into something new. (If you make the chocolate covered bananas, save us one!)

— Though big box stores are suffering, small independent brick & mortars are having a major moment. We can’t wait to check out By Damsel in Culver City, CA. It’s a beautiful shop full of otherwise hard-to-find treasures.

— If you’re already planning your Thanksgiving tablescape, don’t miss Cassandra LaValle’s autumnal inspiration. It relies on the classic colors of fall, but still feels fresh and elegant.

— Our favorite fall movie is You’ve Got Mail, so naturally we immediately clicked on “5 Cold-Weather Outfits I’m Stealing from Meg Ryan Characters.” Spoiler: the outfits do not disappoint.

— Chicago is one of our favorite cities to visit, and this travel guide was created for design lovers like us. From the chicest hotels to the museums you can’t miss, it’ll be easy to plan a great weekend getaway to the Windy City.

— If you love autumn but live somewhere (like LA!) that still has warm weather, we’ve found the cocktail for you: Apple Cider Slushies. We’ll be drinking them all weekend!

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