Happy Friday! We’re on the end of a wonderful week at KBIS and IBS in Las Vegas, NV. We saw a lot of great trends and can’t wait to share our discoveries with you in the coming weeks! In the meantime, here are a few other things that caught our eye:

Morrison Hotel Gallery, the world’s leading brand for fine art music photography, is foraying into the design world by providing access to some of the most exclusive fine art photography for music lovers. From mainstream artists to obscure punk rockers, you’ll find something that will give your gallery wall just the edge it needs.

— This new hotel has us planning a trip to Detroit! Shinola is most commonly known for their luxury goods, but the Shinola Hotel is a dream.

— Any Megan Mullally fans out there? She’s just launched an exciting collaboration with Smith Teamaker! Along with actress Stephanie Hunt, the tea is inspired by their musical group Nancy & Beth and is a caffeine free blend featuring red and pink rose petals, licorice root, osmanthus, cyani and chamomile petals with a hint of ginger for spice.

BENI Rugs, the customizable Moroccan rug line, has launched a new collection inspired by modern art. The beautiful rugs are handmade interpretations of further colorways from Rothko, Miro, and The Memphis Movement and range from $840-$5580. Take a peek!

Knix launched an exciting new item today! The Dream Short is a leakproof sleep short so you can rest easy during your time of the month.

— Finally, take a peek at a Japan-inspired modernist showpiece in Pasadena, California. It’s one of the most beautiful homes we’ve seen in awhile!

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