This week felt significantly longer than most, so our office is more than excited for a relaxing weekend away from our to-do lists. The final thing on the list? Share the wealth! We stumbled across a ton of inspiring links this week and it would be selfish not to share:

— Have you heard of sleep hygiene? It’s an odd sounding term, but could totally change your sleeping habits.

— Step inside one of the most beautiful (and delicious!) restaurants in Los Angeles. 

— Stop what you’re doing and grab your credit card: Sant & Abel is having a huge sale on sleepwear!

— If only all dinner parties could be as beautiful as this Zimmerman + Eye Swoon event in St. Tropez.

— It’s back-to-school season which means time for a new lunch box! Mother Mag has a super cute list.

— After reading this travel guide, we’re packing our bags for Sayulita!

— This might be the best idea for an at-home brunch ever. Who doesn’t love breakfast tacos?!

— End your week with an inspiring interior: Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut is giving a first look into her new San Francisco apartment. 

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