In case you missed it, our summer issue launched this week! It is a highlight of our season, featuring a wide variety of homes and designers. Please check it out and enjoy, and when you’re done, come back for our top links of the week:

— We’re making it a point to get to the Hammer Store to see the A-Z West Works pop-up

A Portland photographer opens the doors to her PNW home. Our favorite room is the kitchen!

For the days when it’s too hot to turn on your blow dryer.

— After reading this travel guide, we’re seriously considering a trip to Copenhagen!

— Bu then we saw this Parisian picnic on the Seine, and our dream trip has now expanded to France!

— Of course, we eventually remembered that traveling costs a pretty penny, so we’re bookmarking this post on The Everygirl so our budget-friendly weekends at home can be a little more adventurous. 

— Finally, this was a very sad week. The tragic loss of both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain feels like a heavy, dark cloud. We are grateful for the wise words Joanna Goddard expressed in her post Why Suicide Isn’t Selfish. We hope you’ll read and reflect. 

Image originally published here.