Real talk: we wouldn’t mind face planting into bed right about now. It was one of those weeks! But the light at the end of the tunnel is obviously the royal wedding. Will you be watching? If so, here are a few ideas for your viewing party. And if not, our top links of the week should provide plenty of entertainment:

The Citizenry has done it again! This time, it’s their textiles from Peru that have us swooning. 

— The quickest way to our hearts? Unique architecture. This Los Angeles home we spotted on SF Girl by Bay certainly fits the bill. 

— We’ll admit it. Our entire team is pretty obsessed with the housewives. Naturally, we loved getting a look inside Bethenny Frankel’s new place!

— We’re big fans of photographer Kimberly Genevieve. Her interview with California Weekend offers insight into her colorful take on California. 

— And though IKEA on a Saturday sounds a little brutal, these new arrivals have us anxious for a visit to the furniture mecca. Meet you at the food court for cinnamon rolls?

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