Happy First Week of May! At Rue, we personally loved this week… as we launched our first ever Pacific Northwest Issue! We know we say this every time, but we had so much fun creating this issue. We thought we’d take a quick moment to share some of our favorite features. First, did you notice our Editors’ Picks? Each gal chose their favorite PNW band (like The Postal Service or Macklemore) and shared how that band inspires their personal style. Believe it or not- you don’t have to embrace grunge to channel a bit of Nirvana!

We also found ourselves quite hungry during the production of this issue, as the PNW takes the concept of quality food to a whole new level. We embraced this idea and decided to create homemade bagels & lox… which quickly became a staple in the Rue HQ. Of course- you can’t celebrate traditional PNW fare without embarking on a picnic, as the girls of Hens & Chicks Collective showed us in their Escape from Emerald City.

Lastly, we were so enamored with the beautiful homes we found while exploring the region. From Kirsten Grove’s recently redesigned bedroom, to Jennifer Hagler’s minimalist studio, and Julie Pearce’s impeccable Portland space… the PNW sure knows good design. If you haven’t seen the issue quite yet- no time to waste! Click here and enjoy.

With Mother’s Day this weekend, you may be looking for fun ways to celebrate. Did you know that tomorrow (Saturday the 11th), you can go to West Elm to learn how to make a carnation arrangement? Sure to be fun AND provide a great gift for Mom- sounds like a perfect Saturday!

If you can’t make it to a West Elm, you still have time to make a fun gift for Mom. Apartment Therapy shared a few cute DIYs that make the perfect present. Of course… you may want to make two of each so you can keep one for yourself!

We’d also like to congratulate one of our favorite gals, Kris Schoels, on the new Young Married Chic site. You may remember Kris as our first Tastemaker– and her new site is truly gorgeous. Check it out here!

And just in case you missed it- here is a gallery of the Met Gala 2013. We’d love to know… who was best (and worst!) dressed? Let us know in the comments… and we’ll see you on Monday!