Flaneur, the contemporary high-quality bedding company, has just recently launched a collection for the detail-oriented and artistic customers amongst us. Those that won’t do with just one shade of white will rejoice with their “Lighten Up” collection that offers their bedding in various off-white hues.

There’s “Sudd” that is a creamy white inspired by the color of Papyrus; “Melbourne” that is on the opposite side of the spectrum with a cooler white based on sea waves. There’s also “Land of Yesterday” that appeal to those that like a little hint of pink without wandering too far in that color direction. The collection as a whole offers 6 different shades all based on locations and artwork by well-known artists. In fact, the concept of various shades of white is one that feels almost painterly – perfect for those that want softness and subtly in their bedroom.

Click through to the slideshow to find out more about each shade.