Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending the Coachella Valley Music Festival with our friends at Lacoste Home. Not only did we head to the festival grounds to catch some of our favorite bands (HELLO, Red Hot Chili Peppers!), but we joined in on the 4th Annual Lacoste L!VE Desert Pool Party!

The party is set each year at a beautiful estate in Thermal, CA. While celebrity DJs like Alexa Chung and Elijah Wood mixed their favorite tunes, we snacked on Patrón Tequila Popsicles and stayed hydrated in the scorching sun with FIJI Water. While we personally enjoyed relaxing under umbrellas on Lacoste Home beach towels (this one is our favorite!!), other partygoers made the most of the fun activities provided. There was nail art at the mani-pedi tent, ping-pong, LA food trucks, plenty of dancing, and of course- the chance to shop at the exclusive Lacoste L!VE Pop Up Shop. Guests got ready for summer by stocking up on beach towels, bags, and flip flops branded with the signature alligator.

We chatted with Brad Goreski, caught up with our favorite fashion bloggers (like Julie Sariñana and Leandra Medine), and were totally jealous of Katy Perry’s amazing outfit. As other celebs lounged on Lacoste Home towels and pillows in the private cabanas, the pool party held true to its name as partygoers floated around on super cute inflatable alligators. This was definitely an event we won’t soon forget!!

Since Coachella can be a little out of the way for most, we’re already planning our own version of the party this summer. We rounded up our favorite towels from the collection to bring a little Lacoste L!VE to our own back yards. Download a few Coachella playlists, whip up some margaritas, and you’re set! Tell us- which towel will you be adding to your beach bag this summer??

Shop Rue: 1. Marine Beach Towel // 2. Vertical Stripe Beach Towel // 3. Rayures Beach Towel // 4. Marine Beach Towel // 5. Check Beach Towel // 6. Vertical Stripe Beach Towel