As the temperatures start to get cooler, we begin to spend more time in our homes. Our kitchens especially become places where we take a moment for ourselves or gather with loved ones. It’s the part of the home where both enjoyment and tasks take place – so if you have to scour that pot, crush garlic, clean dishes, it doesn’t mean that those tools used should be an eyesore. The art of living is found in the details, so here are 9 products for the kitchen that are both beautiful and useful in equal measure.

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  1. Marble Mortar and Pestle Set, $32, Creative Home: handmade with a classic profile, this mortar and pestle will sit beautifully on your counter.
  2. RigTig Multi Opener, $22, Stelton: this elegant tool will help with every possible container opening need – bottles, cans, and jars…
  3. Table Brush Set, $40, Iris Hantverk: most messes are on the smaller side when you have to clean off a counter, a table or a desk, this little handheld brush set will get everything tidy without much effort or storage.
  4. Salad Spinner with Glass Lid, $78.51, Rösle: German-made, this salad spinner requires little effort to wash lettuce and can then be used to mix all of your ingredients together.
  5. Trio Knife Set, $155, Material: this industry-disrupting brand has created a high-end knife set for a much more affordable price.
  6. Heavy Linen Dish Towel, $15, Brookfarm General Store: heavy-duty linen makes this dishtowel absorbent and durable.
  7. Forged Scissors, $19.30, Fiskars: the magic of Fiskars is best seen in person – their blades stay sharp for longer.
  8. Wooden Handle Dish Rack & Tray, $89, Brookfarm General Store: not everything can go into the dishwasher. For those items that need extra care, this dishrack will help them get dry without looking like an eyesore next to your sink.
  9. Danish Paper Holder, $66, Schoolhouse: well-designed paper towel holders are hard to come by. The combination of wood and leather makes this one a stand-out piece.