In just a few short weeks, I’m getting married! The entire process has me feeling ALL of the emotions – anticipation, gratitude, a little bit of a lot of stress, and an overwhelming amount of love. It has been surreal, as many married folks can attest to, and has been the most exciting time in my life so far. As I’ve navigated the entire bridal process – from wedding planning to being the bachelorette to packing for our honeymoon – I’ve found a few products that are making my life as a bride-to-be a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Start the slideshow (or read below!) to see my top picks.

For my bachelorette party, my bridesmaids and I made the trip to Palm Springs. The colorful Saguaro was the perfect setting for our fun weekend! Here’s what I packed:

1. MARA HOFFMAN BIKINI: The subtle palm print on this bikini is SO Palm Springs and the cut of the top is super flattering.
2. FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI: One of the girls brought along this camera, which ended up being way more fun than Instagram!
3. PATRON: I’ll admit, margaritas are my beverage of choice. I had gift bags for the girls and included a mini-Patron (with a straw!) in each.
4. TOTE: The tote I used for the gift bags was a little more comical, but I love the geometric print on this one!
5. HEART-SHAPED SUNGLASSES: Since we spent the day at the pool, statement sunglasses were a must!
6. MANE MESSAGE HAIR TIES: These are my all-time favorite hair ties, and they’re made right here in the Bay Area. The girls loved them!

For the wedding day, I’ve got an arsenal of essentials ready to go:

1. BLOOM DESIGN STUDIO: Right off the bat, I knew a veil wasn’t for me. I worked with this Portland-based designer to create a custom floral headpiece that won’t wilt in the heat!
2. CHLOE PERFUME: How could I walk down the aisle without my signature scent?
3. CHAMPAGNE FLUTES: My good friend Jen gave me these at my bridal shower. We’ll be using them for our first toast as husband and wife!
4. BOXED WATER: I’ll be hydrating all morning with my favorite water.
5. ROSA REGALE: Not that I plan to be nervous, but just in case… a glass of sparkling while I’m getting ready couldn’t hurt.
6. SUGAR PAPER GUEST BOOK: The design of this guest book is timeless.
7. LOEFFLER RANDALL SANDALS: I never wear heels, and my wedding will be no exception. Plus, these are perfect for dancing the night away!

To celebrate our marriage (and my new last name!), we’ll be honeymooning in Spain! Since I know things will get quite crazy before the big day, I’ve already got my packing list set.

1. KATIE DEAN JEWELRY: I tend to travel light, so this dainty necklace is the perfect addition to my wardrobe.
2. & 3. LINGERIE: Well, it is the honeymoon after all!
4. DRESS: I like to pack items that will mix & match well together. This dress from Mint is no exception!
5. SANDALS: I can already imagine strolling through Majorca with these beauties.
6. SCARF: A long flight can be uncomfortable. I always pack an oversized scarf to use as a light blanket.
7. CARRY-ON: My trusted Herschel carry-on is spacious enough for the essentials, and always helps me arrive in style.