“Plants and nature are so inspiring” says Judith Baehner. It’s not surprising she feels that way, considering that along with Irene Schampaert, she co-authored Wonderplants, a celebration of the intersection of interior design and indoor gardening. We talked with Judith to learn more.

What do you love about plants and why do you think they are having such a moment?
They have amazing shapes – pure done by nature fractals – colors and color combinations, and different ways of growth. Once your passion, you can never let it go again. They are beautiful, healthy and should be part of our lives and houses.

Why now? Over the years we started to miss nature in our lives in the concrete jungles where we live in and we started to go out into nature more and more. Now we want that feeling of nature closer to us, we want to re-love and re-connect with nature. In our homes, we do not all have gardens, we take plants in more and more to have that piece of nature with us.

Whether it is a whole jungle or just a few plants as long as it makes us feel happy. And happy you will be. Plants make you happy because the color green is relaxing. They also make us happy because they remind us of nature, outside, freedom and therefore they make us more balanced. They also make you happy if you have the feeling that you can take care of them and make them grow. They will become part of your life.

Plants also take care of us. They will not only give you fresh air (oxygen), some of them can also purify the air by filtering VOC (volatile organic compounds) from the air.

What can readers expect to find in Wonderplants?
Wonderplants is a book to inspire you and show you plants in different interiors all over the world. It is inspiration for how you can combine plants and make beautiful styles when you put them together. It also makes you dream about beautiful interiors.

In addition to the interiors there are what we call the pink pages. Here you find information of how to take care of your house plants, how to deal with problems and what they do for you. You will find all the interiors in mini pages, with all the plants numbered and named. Further, in the last part of the pink pages you can find all the plants by name and their recommended care.

Your book is full of tips for caring for plants, but what’s one quick piece of advice for those of us looking to care for our plants during the winter?
Plants are not very fond of wintertime inside the house because it is too warm and too dry. You can help them by putting them somewhere cooler, putting them away from the heating and giving them moist by spraying water twice a week. Better water them less and spray them more.

See some of our favorite homes from Wonderplants in the slideshow!