You can learn a lot about someone by what’s on their nightstand. Whether it’s a stack of gossip mags, a tangled web of charging cables, or a 700 page war novel, the nightstand often shows a more intimate side of one’s personality. Today, Michelle Adams is granting us an all-access pass to her own (well-styled) nightstand. Adams is the co-founder of Lonny magazine, former editor in chief of Domino, and current aesthete behind an expertly curated online design shop, The Maryn. Lucky for us, the tastemaker is in the midst of reading some really interesting and inspiring books. We’re taking notes and clicking “add to cart” ASAP: 

The North American Indian: The Complete Portfolios
This is truly one of the coolest books I’ve ever owned. Photographer Edward S. Curtis spent 30 years producing a study of North American Indians, during which time he recorded the traces of the traditional way of life that was already beginning to die out. Curtis visited 80 American Indian tribes from the Mexican border to the Bering Strait, and compiled his entire portfolio into this book. It’s a must read!

I’m a sucker for a good love story, and this one had me so enthralled that I practically didn’t sleep for two days because I couldn’t put it down! I also gained new perspective on immigration and the struggles that so many face for belonging in our fractured world.

Better than Before
One of my role models, Olga Naiman, recommended this book to me and I’ve found it incredibly fascinating and helpful! Author Gretchen Rubin helps readers understand the motives behind their decision making process that lead to habit formation, and how to utilize those motives to make positive changes. The book is a powerful tool for habit change and living your best life!

I practically have every page of this book dogeared!! I’m currently working on turning my backyard into the garden of my dreams (since I now spend so much time out there with my new pup!) so Gardenista has given me all the ideas and how-to’s that I need to complete the transformation. (And then some;)

Cartier Style and History
I’ve had this book on my bedside table for over a year, and I read it on nights when I can’t sleep. It’s basically a history and design lesson told through the lens of an iconic brand! For instance, did you know that when the Titanic sank, Cartier made “mourning jewelry” for women to wear who lost loved ones? Neither did I. 😉

Cy Twombly: Photographs Catalogue
I’m a big fan of Cy Twombly’s paintings, so I was thrilled to discover this catalog of his photography work!