Here on Rue we often write about creative people, designers and makers that we admire and are thrilled to share with you. That applies to Morgan Spenla too but in a slightly different way. Morgan’s company, The Crafter’s Box, is all about inspiring and bringing to life the creativity of others. Here’s how it works: each month The Crafter’s Box send subscribers a custom crafting kit with all the supplies needed for one gorgeous, handmade item. Along with the kit, subscribers also have access to video tutorials and an online community. Best of all, each project is one that we’d love to have in our house or wear ourselves. There is a seriously strong lineup of artisans who have put together The Crafter’s Box. Check out some of the past projects in the slideshow and Morgan shares more below!

What is The Crafter’s Box and what makes it a unique way to learn a craft?
The Crafter’s Box is a maker community built for those of us with busy, busy lives but who love and value a bit of creative time in our month. We collaborate with artists to lead one unique crafting technique each month and pair a digital workshop with a kit of thoughtfully sourced materials & tools delivered to doorsteps. We embrace sustainable, traditional, #slowcrafting maker techniques – think rya weaving, block printing, macrame and embroidery – to create beautiful, on-trend handmade goods for the home. It’s a wonderful way to get back to handmade without the frustration of personally sourcing the right tools & materials, plus it’s a wonderful way to learn something new on one’s own time. The Crafter’s Box is perfect for those that love to learn and to creatively challenge themselves with something new on a regular basis, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to pull friends together once a month to turn the enjoyment of making into a night set aside for good company!

Why is crafting important to you?
There are so many of us that thrive off of creating with our hands – pausing during the busyness of life to build, shape, craft and to create something beautiful for ourselves or our home. It’s such a wonderful feeling to set aside a bit of time to block out the world and paint or mold or knit. It’s easy to let that creative slice of our ‘whole pie’ fall to the wayside when we have families and careers that demand so much of our time. To create balance (and happy days!) though it’s so wonderful to focus on setting aside even a little bit of time to nourish what makes us smile. For so many of us that’s creativity. For me that’s 100% creativity. I find that when I make time to ‘make’ the rest of my days feel so much more balanced and on track. Maybe it’s the time focused on me and maybe it’s the idea of stretching the other side of my brain – either way it’s a respite from the norm.

What has been your favorite craft to learn?
Oh that’s so very difficult! What’s wonderful about each workshop is that it gives you the opportunity to dabble in and explore a new medium to discover what resonates best with you (and then to continue to make and make and make in that style). I would have to say that I tend towards textile arts (block printing, dyeing, stenciling) in my free time. I love the creative process of carving a block or cutting a stencil and then applying it to create something special for my home or family.