We’ve featured the work of cocktail guru Ashley Rose Conway in the past. From creating her own recipes, to styling gorgeous tablescapes, and taking her own photography, Ashley does it all for her blog (Craft and Cocktails) and her many clients. Of her myriad of skills, she says, “I capture libations with my lens, a Booze curator, spirited story teller, drink developer, barstool frequenter. I tell a story with cocktails, spirits, and wine from recipe developing, to styling, images to the writing. My work is more feminine, clean, and whimsical then a lot of cocktail photography out there. I use seasonal ingredients with a focus on local products and spirits in my recipes.”

Ashley’s cocktails are always as beautiful as they are delicious and she knows so much about the history and craft of cocktail making, we weren’t surprised to find that Ashley wrote the text and recipes for The Art of the Bar Cart. The new release has everything you need from great cocktail recipes to serious bar style inspiration. We talked with Ashley to learn more.

Tell us about The Art of the Bar Car- what’s the focus of the book?
The Art of the Bar Cart is a guide to building, styling and inspiration for your bar cart. It touches on a variety of cart scenarios to fit different spaces, styles and interests. It features easy tips to re-create each look as well as 60 recipes for the perfect drinks to pair with each cart. There are 20 different styled bar setups—from gilded vintage carts to a collection of bottles tucked into a cabinet—themed around favorite libations, personal style, or occasions.

What was most interesting about writing your first book?
Realizing just how much I actually know about cocktails! When asked to work on the project I was wondering if I had enough or the right things to say & recipes floating around in my head to put pen to paper with. It turns out I had more then enough! I actually saved a lot of ideas that didn’t make it into the book for a future one (I have a book bug now!) I also did a ton of research and fact checking and learned a lot as I went. Another interesting thing was creating compatible cocktails for each chapter; everything had to be cohesive and fit with the theme.

What cocktail is on your go-to list for fall?
Apple Brandy/Calvados drinks! You can swap it out for whiskey in a lot of classic drinks to make a whole new cocktail or mix up your own apple laced libations.

Ashley’s interview made you thirsty? See some of the cocktails Ashley has created for Rue here!