Recently we ran two different stories styled by Julia Green (here and here.) Both immediately captured our attention due to the bold colors and irreverent fun they contain. We had to learn more about Julia and her business, Greenhouse Interiors. In addition to styling commercial and editorial shoots, she runs an interior design agency helping emerging artists break into the interior business themselves and has a half dozen other creative pursuits. Meet Julia Green.

You wear a LOT of hats. How do you describe what you do?
Oh, I do! Metaphorically and literally! (I do love a good hat!) But in terms of work, I do have my fingers in a few pies.

It all started when I had a chance encounter with a photographer from Vogue, who was buying a couch from me. I was in the pharmaceutical industry at the time and heavily pregnant with my second child. When he arrived to collect the couch, he asked me who I ‘styled’ for. I had no idea there was such a job as a stylist…so I had no idea what he was talking about. When he found out what I did for work, he told me I was wasting my time and I should be a stylist. He gave me his card and told me to call him once I had the baby. So I did, and have not running from job to job ever since. One thing has led to another. Every corner I turn, I see opportunity.

So in my sourcing for styling, I saw gaps and started and interiors agency, Greenhouse Interiors. I now represent around 30 emerging artists and sell, market, and run the PR for their brands. It’s the most rewarding thing ever, and they are all like family to me. Our creative team is unique and tight. I honestly would walk over hot coals for all of them.

The styling work varies from magazines, to brands and ad campaigns. Then I run styling workshops all over the country, and they are fabulous as I get to meet so many likeminded people that share my passion. I have also made a number of TV appearances and work on corporate videos. Finally I write most of my own copy to accompany my work with a couple of regular columns. So its super varied, no two days are ever the same, and although my head is permanently spinning, every single day I count my lucky stars to be doing what I love.

Even if it wasn’t your career path originally, it sounds like your home was showcasing your eye for design. How did that interest first get started?
From the age of 3, I had drawn houses and had the best creative kids’ room in the street. This was all testament to my gorgeous mum, my creative idol. She made our house a home, and one that everyone always talked about. So I guess I was exposed to it early, but didn’t make the leap until 38! It’s never too late!

What is something that has inspired you lately?
Actually, my mum has always been a constant source of inspiration to me. It started with the creative stuff as a kid. I remember coming home from school to find our lounge room covered in tin foil, and the couches had been covered in hot pink corduroy. Mum was dancing to Blondie in her leopard leotard. I just laughed. But 2 weeks ago, she was in a horrific accident that saw her pinned under a garbage truck and lose her leg. Her determination, spirit, positivity, acceptance and grace in the hardest of times has made me feel completely inspired, as I believe all of these qualities in life are what separates the good from the great. Applying these skills in life and business are the game changers. Sitting by her bed in hospital has far outweighed the trips to Italy, or art exhibitions. She is made of the good stuff, and it has to come from deep within.

Check the slideshow to see some of Julia’s work AND to learn more about Julia, including her upcoming new adventures!