In the performance world, a triple threat can sing, dance, and act. Reagan Hayes is what counts as a triple threat in the design world- interior designer, furniture designer, and now owner of her own showroom. Not to mention the triple trouble she manages at home- three little boys. Reagan recently opened her showroom in the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, where she spoke to us about her showroom, product line, and future.

Congratulations on your furniture line and on taking the big step to open your own showroom. How did you decide to take the plunge?
I never would have guessed that I would be so involved with product design, but as an interior designer I often felt that I couldn’t find the exact piece that I was looking for to really bring a space to life. One of the best things about being in Los Angeles is the community of amazingly skilled craftsman that we have here, so it was natural for me to start designing my own pieces!

Opening my showroom at the Pacific Design Center was important for me to be able to showcase my overall design aesthetic and to control the backdrop for these beautiful pieces. We’ve brought in a great mix of lighting, accessories and artwork to complement the classic lines of the furniture.

Designing your own showroom must feel very different than designing for someone else. What were your guiding principles as you created the space?
The great part about designing the showroom was that I had free reign with the space and got to use all of my own pieces! We were lucky to find a space with a full wall of exterior windows to bring in a lot of natural light. Since it’s a showroom and not a residence, I wanted to strike a balance with getting as many different products into the space while maintaining enough negative space to make it a really pleasant place for people to spend time in. I got the floor plan and color schemes together fairly quickly, and there was of course a flurry of activity at installation to get the accessories and artwork settled in. More than anything, I wanted my personal style to come through really clearly with the space.

It takes a lot of fidgeting—and you really have to be careful that the different elements are truly making each other better by being together rather than just creating a total hodgepodge—but the results can be amazing when you get it right!

You manufacturing completely in the Los Angeles area. Why is local manufacturing important to you?
We’re really fortunate to have such great manufacturing capabilities here in LA. I know some people are able to pull it off, but I honestly can’t imagine developing new products without being in the shop all along the way! I love seeing the pieces come to life after starting from just my sketches, and it really takes a lot of honing to get the proportions and details on many of our pieces just right.

Thanks so much for talking with us. One last thing- we’ve heard this showroom may just be the first. Is that true?
We have started to look at spaces in New York and plan to open a showroom there sometime next year. New York and LA have always been our biggest markets, so we’re excited to create a Reagan Hayes experience there as well!