Melanie, we’re so excited to talk to you today about your many ventures. Your first business was Custom Greek Threads, which you still run in addition to Luxury Monograms. What inspired you to take the insights from running this two companies and turn them into a third successful business of coaching female business owners?
After I moved to New York City, I began to meet all of these amazing women who were so passionate and talented but lacked a necessary foundation in business and marketing. Because of my background, I knew that I could save them a lot of time, money and tears by sharing some helpful insights. I began working with them, and realized that there were many common questions and hurdles which inspired me to start creating courses that could help women from all over the world advance themselves and their ideas.

You are all about teaching other women how to run a successful business that allows them time to pursue the rest of their lives. What do you do to de-stress and to enjoy your free time?
I love to travel. I usually take at least one or two trips for pleasure each month. My husband and I are taking off for Europe for 5 weeks this May. For me, having an online business affords complete and total freedom from the normal constraints of having a job. Our headquarters are based in LA, but 3 years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted to try out city life and move to NYC – so we did! We now manage all of our production and customer service remotely from across the country. I’m really proud of that because I think that a lot of the limitations that feel are in our lives we place upon ourselves. When in New York, I love to spend time in Central Park and go out to all of the great restaurants here. I find myself so inspired by the creativity and energy in this city.

The monogram has had quite a comeback lately. What do you think has helped revive this classic and how can a new generation make it their own?
I think that in a world of mass production and noise, we crave things that are personal. Customization has always been an offering that I’ve stood behind in all of our business models. I love seeing how something very specific like a monogram is now being embraced in a totally new way. Of course it is still fabulous on bedding and bath linens, but I love that our customers have fun with it and choose bright chevron patterns and colorful ikats to pair with their initials.

We love how fresh it feels again. What’s your favorite way incorporate a monogram into home decor this spring?
In my home, spring is all about entertaining. The city begins to reawaken, and it’s finally warm enough to host parties up on my rooftop. Lately I’ve been into a Chinoise inspired tabletop so I love pairing bamboo plates with a more graphic and modern monogram on my napkins.

You packed up your home in Los Angeles to follow your dream of living in New York City and now manage your businesses remotely. How have you made NYC feel like home?
My favorite thing about my home is that every piece has a story – from the chairs we had embroidered with our family’s crest, to some fun bookends from the Brooklyn flea. Every acquisition involved quite an adventure! We moved to New York with just a few boxes, so the apartment was decorated from scratch. We actually took over a year just to paint because we were still piecing it all together! As we slowly collected things we loved, a style and a direction was formed. I am beyond thrilled with the result and take such pride in hosting our friends and family in our NYC home.