Love that urban jungle style but possess a black thumb? We feel you! Luckily, artist Kate Jarman offers up a new way to bring the outdoors inside with her latest collection. We talked with her about her process and her new lookbook. See her work in the slideshow!

What was the inspiration behind this collection and lookbook?
The inspiration for my collection was to [pay homage] to the urban jungle. I am intrigued by nature and our relationship with it. I think it’s very instinctual that we choose to surround ourselves with nature even when we are inside in our homes. We naturally gravitate towards indoor plants, botanical and nature inspired textiles and artworks. The works are a celebration of that joyful connection and sense of wonder we have with nature.

My paintings are quite lyrical and whimsical and are a celebration of the joyful wonder and connection we have with nature. The conceptual part of my practice is very simple and that is to paint what I love. I paint on flat backgrounds because the areas of space give the content room to breathe.

What first sparked your interest in painting?
Art has been a part of my life since I can remember. My Dad is a Veterinarian but is also artistically inclined. He had us experimenting with a range of mediums like photography, painting and clay from a very young age. My love for painting was ignited before I started school and has pretty much been a constant in my life ever since.

What is the most gratifying part of painting?
My favorite part of my work is the total immersion in the process when I am painting, mixing colors, evolving the palette over the course of the painting and making the brushstrokes. I also get a real kick out of the immediate response to works received through social media

Your collection is available through Greenhouse Interiors and its founder, Julia Green, styled your lookbook. How did that collaboration happen?
I had been following Julia and Greenhouse Interiors for a long time and her aesthetic really appealed and resonated with me. I reached out to her at the start of this year about working together and she was as excited as I was so we made it happen quickly! I think what Julia does best is create beautiful imagery of her artists work insitu, which makes it easy for people to imagine them in their own space. She has a way of styling that really brings them to life.